Jan is a beautiful person. He looks through his little glasses the world that so usually makes him smile, with such tender smile that you’d keep looking. His thoughts are like his… Continue reading

The future with someone else’s eyes (An interview with Sasha Romantsova, Center for Civil Liberties)

I come from a south-western European origin; I was born in Barcelona, so despite I travel a lot, still my learning about Eastern Europe, ex-sovietic countries is a constant and accelerated process. I… Continue reading

Visions and Challenges on Youth: visiting the Ministry of Youth and Sports

During our stay in Ukraine, our delegation of IVS networks (CCIVS, SCI and Alliance), guided by Irina Bodnar from Alternative-V, was received by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine (Yes! Ukraine… Continue reading

On Human Rights (&more) in Ukraine with Zoryan Kis, Amnesty International Ukraine

On April 28th we had the privilege to visit the office of Amnesty International in Ukraine (AIu in following lines), and we were exchanging with Zoryan Kis, their campaign coordinator. We had an… Continue reading

With Svetlana Oleinikova, from Crimea SOS

Svetlana is from Crimea but she doesn’t live there anymore. Her way to exile started with a phone call. A relative, well-connected with the pro-Russian authorities, advised her to run away because a… Continue reading

What’s going on in Ukraine? And what happens with Russia?

What’s going on in Ukraine? And what happens with Russia? Between the 26th and the 29th of April, our delegation visited several civil society organisations and also institutions in Kyiv, and had dozens… Continue reading

Human stories to raise peace in Ukraine

It is said that “truth is the first victim of a war”. Hope and trust may follow close. With this blog and its sister actions we may want to bring true stories (if… Continue reading

Contributing to build bridges for a fair peace in Ukraine

          The International Voluntary Service movement visited diverse partners, civil society organisations and institutions to get to know closer the reality in Ukraine. A war in Ukranian territory that… Continue reading